everyone has a purpouse


By the time we meet with God, He won´t measure our lives by the amount of money we have in our bank accounts or by how far we are in the organization chart. He will measure our success by how many people we helped in the circumstances we were faced with.

I used to think that the only option was to work hard and become successful quickly, and then retire and have plenty of time to help others. I realize now that I want to help people to develop and to become their best while I simultaneously have a promising professional career.

One day I heard about Social Entrepreneurs. These super-humans create products or services that help solve society’s problems. I knew instantly that I was going to become one someday. Working in Costa Rica for the NGO Yo Emprendedor, I became incredibly involved with the spirit of social entrepreneurship.

As an industrial engineering student, I learned about Lean Manufacturing. As a volunteer in a student organization I had the opportunity to visit software companies and learn about agile methodologies. Working with entrepreneurs, I learned about the Lean Startup method. Suddenly, everything started to make sense. I got really involved with these concepts, so much so that my final project in University focuses on “methodologies for creating a startup”. I directly apply both Lean Startup and Customer Development principles in it.

When Steve Blank wrote Why the Lean Start-Up Changes Everything, in Harvard Business Review in May of 2013, I was inspired; it validated my vision.

I want to implement his teachings in the University as I believe it is one of the best ways to teach entrepreneurship.

I have no doubt that entrepreneurs will save the world. That’s why we need more of them.



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